Women’s Caucus

The NZPSA has a Women’s Representative and Women’s Caucus which aims to support women in the political science profession in Aotearoa/New Zealand, and meets yearly at the NZPSA Conference. The 2015-2016 Women’s representative is Dr Valentina Cardo from the University of Auckland. You can contact her at v.cardo@auckland.ac.nz.

In 2012, the NZPSA held a one day workshop in Wellington to assess the status and progress of women in the academic discipline of political studies. The NZPSA is very pleased to publish here the subsequent report by Aysser Al Janabi, Kate McMillan and Carla Lam, Advancing the Status of Women in Political Science and International Relations in New Zealand. This innovative study brings global research to bear on the status of women and presents the findings of the first comprehensive survey of the representation of women in Aotearoa/New Zealand political science: an under-representation of women as graduate students, as faculty (particularly senior faculty), and as the subject of academic analysis within the curriculum. It also makes a number of important recommendations for the future that we encourage you all to familiarize yourself with. At the 2015 NZPSA Conference, we will be  holding a half-day workshop to discuss the implementation of these recommendations. You can read the abstract and the full report here.

At the annual conference in 2014, the NZPSA relaunched Women Talking Politics as a new annual research magazine that publishes news items and blind, peer-reviewed research notes by women on politics, including gender and women’s issues. The first two issues are being funded by the new NZPSA bi-annual grant, and the Lead Editor is Lena Tan. The magazine is open to all women and particuarly aims to support postgraduates and early career researchers in their efforts to publish. Please go to the webpage for further information.

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