NZ Politics Daily

NZ Politics Daily is a document containing news, analysis and commentary relating to politics in Aotearoa/New Zealand. It is produced Monday to Friday and is distributed via email to academics, students, political journalists, bloggers, MPs, policy analysts and political activists. The document is available for research purposes only, and it’s free.

To subscribe, simply send an email to:

The full reproduction of material in NZ Politics Daily is mostly derived from the mainstream media and the blogosphere, and it includes links to broadcast material such as that on TVNZ, TV3 and Radio NZ, as well as political cartoons. The selection criterion for inclusion in NZ Politics Daily is simply anything that is “informative, insightful, interesting or influential”. No endorsement of the material is made, and obviously it’d never satisfy everyone, but an attempt is made to include material from a diverse range of ideological perspectives.

The document is normally at least 100 pages long, and it begins with a summary of the highlights, and then has a table of contents page with hyperlinks.

For those that do not want to receive such a lengthy document, the links from each edition of NZ Politics Daily are also available on the New Zealand Herald website here.