Gender and Politics Network

The Gender and Politics Network was created to provide a platform for scholars and other professionals who share an interest in issues and debates around gender and politics.

The group’s aims are:

  1. To promote the study of gender and politics within mainstream political science and other related disciplines.
  2. To build a network of scholars interested in investigating the different aspects of the relationship between gender and politics.
  3. To have a direct and real impact on the practice, teaching and the study of politics.
  4. To provide a platform for exchange and facilitate contact and communication between scholars engaged in the study of gender and politics.
  5. To facilitate research co-operation on topics in the areas of gender and politics, by promoting equality in the profession.
  6. To organise, initiate and invite contributions on gender politics at the NZPSA conferences, workshops and other events, as well as awarding prizes.

If you would like to be involved, for inquiries or expressions of interest, please contact Dr Valentina Cardo: