Environmental Politics and Policy Network (EPPN)

Recently, the Environmental Policy and Politics Network (EPPN) was created to provide a platform for those with an interest in environmental politics/policy to discuss themes and matters of common interest. The establishment of the Network follows the discontinuation of the Australasian Ecopolitics Association, the conduit for the organisation of Ecopolitics conferences in Australia and Aotearoa/New Zealand, and the creation of similar group in the Australian Political Science Association. The following has been suggested as possible functions of the EPPN:

  1. To provide a platform for exchange between those who have an interest in environmental politics/policy, possibly through an email/discussion list;
  2. To invite, initiate and organise contributions on environmental politics/policy at the NZPSA conferences;
  3. To facilitate research co-operation on topics in the area of environmental politics/policy;
  4. Possibly, to award an annual prize for students for ‘the best essay (or paper or thesis)’ written on a topic in environmental politics/policy.

Inquiries and expressions of interest to join the Network can be directed at Julie MacArthur at j.macarthur@auckland.ac.nz.