The NZPSA is currently home to five networks: the Media and Political Communication (MPC) Network, the Political Theory Network (PTN), the Environmental Politics and Policy Network (EPPN), the Gender and Politics Network, the Interpretative Policy Analysis (IPA) Network and the Aotearoa/New Zealand Politics Network.

For those interested in forming a new network the NZPSA Constitution states: ‘With the approval of the Executive, any group of at least ten members of the Association, sharing a common interest in a particular field of politics (broadly defined), may constitute themselves into a specialised Section of the Association. Any Section shall have power to appoint a Committee.’ So, find nine colleagues and make a request to the executive.

At the 2014 AGM, it was further decided that the Executive Secretary will perform an annual audit of members for each network to ensure that they continue to have 10 members in good standing. Only NZPSA members have the privilege to join a network. The Convenor of each network needs to provide a report of their yearly activities to the Executive Secretary to be tabled at the AGM. If no activity is evident over 2 years, then the Network will be considered to have dissolved.

Media and Political Communication (MPC) Network

Political Theory Network (PTN)

Environmental Politics and Policy Network (EPPN)

Gender and Politics Network

Interpretative Policy Analysis (IPA) Network

Aotearoa/New Zealand Politics Network